Sunday, January 21, 2007


Brandenburg - Beirut
Grass - Animal Collective
Mushroom - Can
Oscillations - Silver Apples
Ethanopium - Dengue Fever
Come On Now - The Ethiopians
El Justiciero - Os Mutantes
Whirly-Bird - Silver Apples
Sni Bong - Dengue Fever
Blind Joe Death - John Fahey
Hands - Four Tet
Wear Your Love Like Heaven - Donovan
We're Gonna Make It - DeVotchKa
Come On Home - Jackie Edwards
Uptown Ranking - Althea and Donna
Qualquer Bobagem - Os Mutantes
Steel Guitar Rag - John Fahey
May the People Would Be the Times or Between Clark and Hilldale - Love

Hello, hope everyone is enjoying the mix! I thought I
would attempt to give an explanation to the assemblage
of these seemingly random songs. Originally I was
going to title this mix, “penguins on the equator” (to
juxtapose the month of January, coldness of winter,
etc. and it so happens the typical January has yet
occur (here), so I abandoned this idea). I planned to
strictly use tropicalia music, but I decided to infuse
and tie to together with music that influences one
another, for instance: Tropicalia has ties to the
psychedelic and experimental genres which tie into
some folk which tie into regional music…even though
this may not flow together in a traditional sense – I
believe it flows in sort of an evolutionary sense?
Hmm…maybe. Well, in any case, I hope it is appreciated
in some way. I look forward to next month!

Saturday, January 13, 2007


Firefly (Alpha)
Too Rude (Carmen Rizzo Featuring Esthero)
New Resolution (Azure Ray)
Jaleo (Trüby Trio Featuring Concha Buika)
Só Com Você (Thievery Corporation Featuring Bebel Gilberto)
Downhill Racer (Everything But The Girl)
All Alone (Slick Rick)
Bug Powder Dust (Bomb The Bass / Kruder & Dorfmeister Remix)
Feel The Sunshine (Alex Reece Featuring Deborah Anderson)
Killer's Lullaby (Faithless)
For The Unknown (TJ Rehmi)
Light (Talvin Singh)
Banstyle Sappys Curry (Underworld)
Dirty Harry (Gorillaz)